SCS1000/3000 Smart High Performance Power Distribution Modules

E-T-A is excited to introduce its new SCS1000/3000 Smart High Performance Power Distribution Modules.

These power distribution modules are extremely compact and combine multiple logic functions in a single package. They are ideal for upgrades, fleet modernizations, and retrofit projects and will help designers:

  • Increase vehicle safety and uptime
  • Save space
  • Take control of their system
  • Design more robust and flexible equipment

CHVM Series

The CHVM series of non-isolated DC-DC converters feature very compact sizes and have a metal case to provide five-sided shielding for lower ripple and noise. Three package sizes cover power levels from 1.4W to 3W and output voltages of 180V to 2kV. The output can be adjusted from 0.5% to 100% of the rated voltage using either an external voltage or resistance.

  • 12Vdc input, 180 to 2,000V output, 1.4 to 3W DC-DC converters
  • Programmable outputs (using voltage or resistance)
  • Low output ripple, five-sided shielded case for lower radiated noise

CUS350MP Series

The CUS350MP AC-DC power supplies are rated at 350W and 1,000W peak with convection cooling for applications requiring low audible noise or 500W continuous, 1,000W peak with forced air. The series is certified to IEC60601-1 3rd edition (medical), IEC62368-1 and IEC62477-1 (OVCⅢ) with compliance to the EN60601-1-2:2015 Edition 4 immunity requirements. With efficiencies of up to 94%, waste heat is reduced allowing the power supply to operate reliably in a compact 88 x 183 x 44mm package size. A 5V 0.3A standby voltage and remote on/off are fitted as standard. The high peak power rating makes the CUS350MP suitable for use in printers and equipment utilizing DC motors.

  • 350W convection, 500W forced air and 1,000W peak power
  • Medical and Industrial safety certifications
  • Compact 3.46 x 7.2 x 1.73″ package

ZBM20 Series

The ZBM20 20A buffer modules are ideal for providing short term hold-up or peak power for loads powered by 12V, 15V or 24Vdc output AC-DC power supplies. During normal operation, energy is stored in the ZBM20’s electrolytic capacitors. When the AC power is interrupted for a short period of time, the ZBM20 continues to power the load, allowing equipment to shutdown in a safe and controlled manner. The ZBM20 can be set to fixed or variable buffer mode. In fixed mode it will provide power when the input voltage drops to below a preset level, in variable mode (24V model only) when the input decreases by 1V. Multiple buffer modules can be paralleled for additional hold-up time. Product status can be accessed remotely via a DC OK relay. The output voltage can also be inhibited to avoid an unsafe discharge of the stored energy.

  • Provides 380ms additional hold-up time to avoid loss of data during AC interruptions
  • Uses electrolytic capacitors to store energy, no batteries to maintain
  • Capable of parallel operation

TPF45000-385 Series

The TPF45000-385 non-isolated modular power supply offers output power levels up to 45kW and accepts 400/440/480Vac 3 phase delta or Wye inputs. Providing a regulated 385Vdc output, the product can be used to provide a high voltage source to power isolated DC-DC converters used in distributed power architecture systems. With an operating efficiency of 98%, waste heat is dramatically reduced, avoiding the need for water cooling. PMBus™ and USB interfaces are available for monitoring and control. Containing ten 4,500W modules, the TPF45000 can be scaled down for lower power requirements.

  • Suitable as a front end for high voltage (380Vdc) distributed DC power systems
  • 98% efficient avoids the need for water-cooling
  • 400/440/480Vac (Nominal) 3 Phase Delta or Wye Inputs